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Financial Assistance

Help you can get

The Early Years Education Scheme pays for 15 hours of education a week for 38 weeks each year, starting after a child’s third birthday. Some parents will also be able to apply for 30 hours of funding, you can find out more by visiting hants.gov.uk. This funding can be used during term time or spread over the entire year.

In addition, Alton College Nursery participates in the Two Year Old Funding Scheme, which gives some two-year-olds who meet certain requirements 15 hours of free childcare every week. For further information and to apply for an application pack, visit: www.hants.gov.uk. Parents/carers may apply for the funding period before their child is eligible. Children may begin receiving funding after their 2nd birthday.

We also participate in the voucher scheme at Alton College Nursery. To learn more, please contact one of the nursery staff members.

All childcare vouchers are accepted as well.

HSDC Students can receive financial assistance with childcare

Childcare Support for young learners (aged under 20)

If you are a young parent studying at HSDC (under 20 when your course starts) and you want to start or continue in learning, you could be eligible for help with your childcare costs through the Government ‘Care to Learn’ scheme.

The subject or course you take is up to you and you can study on a part-time or full-time basis.

While you are learning you could be helping to build a better future for you and your family by gaining new skills and qualifications. You will also be meeting new people and making new friends which may give you greater confidence and independence.

Care to Learn is designed to give you the help and support you need to enjoy studying without added worries. Please see the website for more information and how to apply.

Childcare Support (Aged 20 and Over)

If you are a student at HSDC (aged 20 or over when your course starts) you may be entitled to receive help with your childcare costs.

Your childcare costs will be subsidised if you are enrolled on a Skills for Life course or if you are a student in receipt of or are an unwaged dependant of someone who is in receipt of an income-based benefit.

HSDC may be able to assist greatly with the cost of childcare fees – even if you do not fit the criteria we may still be able to help.

For more information please telephone the main HSDC number on  01420 592200 and ask to speak to the Student Finance & Travel team.